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Pieni lapsi ruokailee aikuisen sylissä

Ideas and support for organising and event

Organise an event for UNICEF
You can organise a large or small event (such as a car boot sale, concert, art exhibition, auction, yard sale, golf or other sporting event, soup kitchen) for UNICEF in your municipality. 

Organise an event for UNICEF with a group of friends
You can do good with a shared hobby by organising an event for UNICEF (e.g. a group of cyclists offer bike repairs for donations, a choir or band performs for donations).

Organise a dinner party or games night with your friends
You can organise a dinner party or games night with your friends and raise funds for UNICEF.

Sew a UNICEF doll or craft
Make UNICEF dolls (see instructions) or do other crafts either alone or with friends, and sell them for UNICEF.

A UNICEF walking event
You and a group of friends can organise a walking event to raise funds for UNICEF. UNICEF will provide signs for the route and checkpoint ideas relating to children’s rights for your walk.

 A sporting event for UNICEF
Hold a sporting event (e.g. skiing, cycling, or other sport) and find sponsors to support you. Donate the proceeds of your event to UNICEF.

Online fundraiser
Create an online fundraiser at and challenge your friends and acquaintances to donate. Advertise your fundraiser on your own networks, such as on social media. The proceeds of online fundraisers are sent directly to the Finnish Committee for UNICEF and are allocated to the purpose you chose on your online fundraiser website.

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NOTE! These instructions apply to private individuals. If you represent a company, please read the frequently asked questions for corporate collaboration (in finnish).