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Finnish Committee for UNICEF was established in 1967 to raise funds for UNICEF programmes around the world both for the protection of children in emergencies and for UNICEF's longer-term work. 

Finnish Committee for UNICEF raises funds through donations from individuals, organisations and companies. The Committee's basic operations include a variety of information, advocacy and fund-raising campaigns and other nation-wide activities.

Finnish Committee for UNICEF is based in Helsinki and runs with about 70 employees assisted by about 40 voluntary groups functioning effectively all over the country. The committee also enjoys the support of National Goodwill Ambassadors who give their time and talent to advocate for the world's children and speak on behalf of UNICEF.

In addition, Finnish Committee for UNICEF runs programmes in Finnish schools promoting awareness of children’s rights. We also run national advocacy campaigns to raise public awareness of issues facing children around the world.


The Committee's basic operations include a variety of information and fund-raising campaigns and other nation-wide activities such as:

  • Monthly giving (Kuukausilahjoitus) - direct debit programme for monthly donations to UNICEF
  • Thirst Day (Jano) - a nation-wide street collection fundraising campaign aimed at raising funds for water-related UNICEF projects.
  • UNICEF Walk (UNICEF-kävely) - a combination of sports event and fund-raising activities for UNICEF, carried out by the students of Finnish schools.
  • Red Nose Day (Nenäpäivä) - a fundraising and information campaign conducted jointly by UNICEF Finland, Finnish Red Cross, FinnChurchAid and Yleisradio, the country's biggest broadcasting company..
  • Other fund-raising projects for private donors and companies.


  • HRBA in development cooperation - UNICEF Finland promotes human rights based approach (HRBA) to strenghten child right perspective in Finnish development cooperation.
  • UniResearch - Exploring opportunities for innovative partnerships


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