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Pikkukoululainen nauraa ystäviensä keskellä

Ethical guidelines for event organisers

When organising an event, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Permits and notices relating to the organisation of an event
As a public event organiser, you must find out whether you need permits, applications, notices, or insurance. Please search for this information on your municipality’s website.

Fundraising security
Donations will go directly to the Finnish Committee for UNICEF if you use the Omakeräys platform or UNICEF’s short MobilePay code.

Photography and video recording at the event and publication
It is permitted to take photographs and record video in a public place, and to publish these photographs and videos if no individual person is singled out. If someone is singled out, their consent must be sought to publish the picture. Children may only be photographed or videos with their consent, and permission from a parent or guardian must be obtained to take photos or video of children under 15. Please read the instructions about child safeguarding principles.

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