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Frequently Asked Questions from event organisers

Organising an event or fundraiser

Can I get UNICEF-branded material for my event?

Yes, you can! You can order UNICEF balloons, small stickers which say “Lasten puolella” (4cm in diameter), and a UNICEF infoflyer from us. We also offer a social media image that you can use to advertise your event on social media.

For more information and material orders, please contact: [email protected].

Can I use the UNICEF logo to advertise my event?

You can only use the UNICEF logo at your event if it is on the branded materials we offer. Please refer to the previous question.

You may not independently remove the UNICEF logo and use it for advertising.

How can I make sure that my event/fundraiser is safe?

If you use the fundraising methods offered by UNICEF (online fundraiser using the platform or the MobilePay donation code), your donations will be sent securely to UNICEF. Please note that as a public event organiser, you must find out whether you need permits, applications, notices, or insurance. Please search for this information on your municipality’s website.

At the event itself, it is a good idea to have a few people whose job it is to ensure that everything is going well. Please remember to follow the ethical guidelines concerning photography and publication of photographs. Special attention should be paid to the guidelines if there are children participating in your event. Please read the guidelines.

How can I advertise my event or fundraiser?

Share information about the event on your social media channels.

Share information in your municipality’s “What’s On” event calendar.

Share information in your municipality’s social media channels.

Support from the Finnish Committee for UNICEF

Can UNICEF advertise my event?

We can publish information about your event in our volunteer event calendar on our website (in finnish).

Unfortunately this is the only way that we can advertise your event.

How can I explain about UNICEF’s work?

UNICEF is the UN’s organisation for children. It carries out long-term work in over 190 countries for the benefit of the most disadvantaged children regardless of their nationality, beliefs, or political convictions.

The Finnish Committee for UNICEF (Suomen UNICEF ry) raises funds for UNICEF’s development programmes and emergency aid. It also carries out lobbying and provides information about children’s rights together with private individuals, companies, and the public sector.

 How does UNICEF help?

  1. We create sustainable change
  2. We always work together
  3. We work globally
  4. We help quickly in a crisis
  5. We research and develop innovations
  6. We support and monitor implementation of children’s rights

Learn more about UNICEF’s work on our website (in finnish).

Can someone from UNICEF come and speak at my event?

The Finnish Committee for UNICEF’s employees very rarely have the opportunity to speak at events, especially outside of the capital region. The Finnish Committee for UNICEF has volunteers all over Finland whom we can ask to speak at and participate in your event. Please let us know if you have any such requests when you register so that we can assess the situation on a case-specific basis.

Can I show UNICEF videos at my event?

Yes, you can. You’ll find lots of videos produced by the Finnish Committee for UNICEF and the international UNICEF organisation on YouTube.


What’s the best way to collect funds at my event?

We recommend that you organise fundraising (donations, sales) using digital payment methods (Omakeräys platform and MobilePay) so that proceeds can be sent securely and directly to the Finnish Committee for UNICEF.

Can I ask a company to sponsor my event?

If for example a local store has donated coffee or similar items, you can mention their donation in writing, for example. “Local Supermarket kindly donated the coffee and biscuits for this event.”

The principles of corporate collaboration determine how UNICEF can collaborate with companies, so if necessary, please read the corporate collaboration principles (in finnish).

How will the funds I collect be sent to the Finnish Committee for UNICEF?

We recommend that you organise fundraising (donations, sales) using digital payment methods (Omakeräys platform or MobilePay) so that proceeds can be sent directly to the Finnish Committee for UNICEF.

Can I organise a lottery or raffle for UNICEF?

Small lotteries can be organised. Before you begin to plan a lottery, we recommend reading the lottery guidelines on the Police of Finland’s website.

Destination of aid and use of funds

How will the funds I raise be used?

For every Euro donated, 81 cents will be used for emergency aid and 19 cents will be used for holding fundraisers and administration. Learn more about the Finnish Committee for UNICEF’s finances (in finnish).

UNICEF’s operations are based entirely on donations.

What will my donation achieve?

Even a small donation can achieve great things!

Here are a few examples of what money can buy:

16€ helps for example 30 children to get life-saving polio and measles vaccinations.

20€ helps for example to provide 60 servings of peanut butter for malnourished children.

35€ helps for example children to attend school. For example, 10 children will receive a backpack and school supplies.


Can I support a specific country or project?

You can only direct the proceeds of your event or donations from an online fundraiser to specific purposes using the Omakeräys platform. You will see the available purposes on the Omakeräys platform when you create your fundraiser.

Donations that are sent via MobilePay will be directed to UNICEF’s general work to wherever it is needed the most.