Clean water is a right not a priviledge. Dirty water kills more children in conflicts that bullets do.

Ruisrock and UNICEF are asking: donate clean water for every child



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Darude and Sebastian Rejman care about clean water.


How unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene puts children at risk?

Cooperation of Ruisrock and UNICEF Finland Emphasizes the Importance of Clean Water

All the festivalgoers will have access to clean water, but there is still room for improvement around the world: dirty water kills more children than war.

The festival, with its portable toilets, is an ideal place to test a hygienic hand-washing tap that saves water and was designed for schoolchildren around the world: The Elephant Tap, a result of Finnish-Ugandan cooperation, will be brought to the festival by UNICEF Finland.

The aim of the cooperation is to reach young adults and tell them about the importance of clean water.

“Ruisrock is a great opportunity for us to remind people that UNICEF is responsible for the distribution of clean water in almost all global crises – with support from our donors,” says Communication and Marketing Director of UNICEF Finland Riikka Kämppi.

Cooperation with UNICEF: